12 Week Training Program for Muscle Growth using Bodyweight Exercises.

This program will teach you:

  • How you can build muscle outside of the gym by performing bodyweight exercises.
  • How to improve the ability to control your own body.
  • How to increase difficulty and progress with bodyweight exercises.
  • How to construct your own training programs by applying fundamental muscle building principles.
  • How to correctly perform bodyweight exercises from two reputable teachers.
Photo of Daniel Vadnal

Daniel Vadnal

Daniel has been doing bodyweight exercises for over six years, which has transformed his body giving him increased strength and muscle.

It was just six years ago that Daniel started a YouTube channel called FitnessFAQs, which now has over 210k followers. Here he posts educational content aimed at empowering the audience, so they can have the ability to exercise with minimal equipment, mastering their own bodyweight.

Daniel is currently working as a Physiotherapist, presenting workshops in addition to online coaching, helping clients internationally. Daniel has a Master's Degree in Physiotherapy and a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science (Kinesiology).

Photo of Daniel Vadnal

Created by bodyweight training experts

Photo of Metin Dabak

Metin Dabak

Metin was 16 when he first started researching how to get stronger, faster and build functional muscle. He quickly become interested in Calisthenics, which inspired him to start training using his own bodyweight.

After several months of dedicated training people started to notice that Metin was getting bigger and stronger. By age 17 he had started training others, which he really enjoyed. He then began filming his own training and physical feats and rather quickly had built a loyal fanbase on his YouTube channel LittleBeastM.

Metin is currently busy with online coaching clients and is in the process of establishing his own bodyweight training facility in the Netherlands.

Photo of Metin Dabak

Topics discussed:

  • Why bodyweight exercises are effective for increasing muscle mass.
  • Applying the progressive overload principle to maximise muscle growth.
  • Importance of mind muscle connection when building muscle.
  • Manipulating leverage to increase exercise difficulty.
  • Types of muscle contractions.
  • Time under tension principle.
  • Manipulating tempo to increase training intensity.
  • How to use an accumulation protocol to blast through plateaus.
  • Training program layout explained.
  • …and much more!
“The money is worth it for pages 1-6 alone. Great compilation of training protocols and their implementation.” – Anthony Militello
“3 weeks in and I am finding it great, I'm really enjoying it. Looking forward to progressing onto phase 2 and beyond. I highly recommend your eBook to anyone, it's great.” – Col Duncan

Bodyweight Evolution™ training pack includes:

  • Bodyweight Evolution™ eBook (PDF), which contains:
    • Over 40 pages, including 129 pictures demonstrating correct exercise form.
    • Concise technical cues and exercise explanations.
    • 48 different exercise variations.
  • A weekly training log for each of the 3 phases (Excel document).
  • A detailed 3 phase training program, each spanning a minimum of 4 weeks (PDF).
Price: Now: $37 USD