Build Muscle by Bodyweight 
in only 12 Weeks!
This program will teach you:
→  Complete guide to building muscle with only your bodyweight, no equipment.

→  How to correctly perform key bodyweight exercises.

→  How to constantly progress exercises to suit your strength level.

→  Learn how to write your own muscle building training programs.

... And more!

Created By Two Bodyweight Training Experts
Daniel Vadnal
Daniel has been doing bodyweight exercises for over eight years, which has transformed his body giving him increased strength and muscle.

It was just seven years ago that Daniel started a YouTube channel called FitnessFAQs, which now has over 500K followers. Here he posts educational content aimed at empowering the audience, so they can master their body.

Daniel has a Master's Degree in Physiotherapy and a Bachelor's in Exercise Science. Daniel is currently working as a Physiotherapist, presenting workshops and coaching clients all over the globe.

He also blogs regularly on his website - the home of Bodyweight Strength.
Metin Dabak
Metin was 16 when he first started researching how to get bigger and develop freakish strength. He quickly become interested in Calisthenics, which inspired him to start training with his bodyweight. Metin is a well known heavyweight in the calisthenics community, capable of insane feats of strength.

Ten 90 Degree Pushups @ 90kg!!

Metin is currently busy coaching clients from his own bodyweight training facility in the Netherlands. Metin is also the father of two beautiful girls, proving world class strength and size is possible even with a busy schedule. 
What's included?
Bodyweight Evolution eBook
Over 40 pages, including 129 pictures clearly describing optimal exercise form.
12 Week Program
Build muscle by bodyweight by following the training method which has helped thousands. 
3 Phases included. 
Weekly training log
Keep track of your progress by filling out the PDF training log as you go. 
Topics Discussed
→  How bodyweight exercises will create the body of your dreams.

→  Maximise your muscle growth by understanding how to continually make progress.

→  The mind-muscle connection, why it is vital for building mass. 

→  Adjust exercise difficulty to suit all ability levels.

→ How to use an accumulation protocol to blast through plateaus.

& Much more..


"I’m blown away by the quality of the material, the concise explanations, and the complete lack of “fluff”. This is a no b.s, well thought out serious program for serious results." 
- Ted

“It’s awesome and have been enjoying every minute! I would not hesitate to buy another program from you!”
- Jens

“I have seen some very good results, in overall strength balance. This was a fun program to do.”
- Stefan

“I’ve never seen strength gains like this with any other bodyweight exercise program I’ve done. If you’re looking to get stronger without weights and little equipment, this is the most potent approach you’re going to find.”
- Jonathan

Why take our word for it? See the results of others for yourselves. Visit our testimonials page for more.
Frequently Asked Questions
Is Bodyweight Evolution suitable for beginners?
Yes. The exercises and workout routines are all scalable to meet the ability level of beginners and is adjustable as you get bigger and stronger. 

What equipment do I need?
Access to a pull up and dip bar, that's it. If you do not have this equipment we explain how to do the exercises elsewhere.. no excuses!

Does Bodyweight Evolution include lower body?
Yes. Progressive leg workouts are provided in Bodyweight Evolution.

How many workouts per week?
Phase 1 & Phase 2: Three Upper + One Lower
Phase 3: Four Upper + One Lower

How long does each workout take?
Approximately one hour including the warm-up. The routines are designed to be time efficient and intense. 

Is nutrition covered in Bodyweight Evolution?
No. Daniel & Metin are expert's in strength training and qualified to provide nutritional guidance. 
"The knowledge and results are yours for life."
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